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 Current WWE Champs

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PostSubject: Current WWE Champs   Fri May 16, 2008 12:36 am

Raw Champ: I dont like HHH being champ, wish Orton still had the belt but its better than Cena having it.

Smackdown Champ: Undertaker is gonna keep the belt which should always be Very Happy

Intercontinental Champ: Jericho has it but its better off with someone needing a rub, Santino Marella as Champ would be great, wouldnt mind seeing DH Smith as champ later down the line

U.S. Champ: Hardy is good so i dont mind, Jamie Noble would be a good choice

ECW Champ: Kane is a great monster, but i would love to see Shelton Benjamin as Champ

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...Maki is Love...
...Maki is Love...

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PostSubject: Re: Current WWE Champs   Fri May 16, 2008 6:47 pm

You got some weird opinions there...HHH needs to be the champ...

Undertaker/Edge, I can't decide...

It would be kinda funny for Marella to be cause since he is supposed to be the Italian guy, I always bug Tony about him...would give me more to bug him about...

US Champ...I don't care...lol...but Hardy is fine...

ECW: Shelton Benjamin...WTF...hahahahaNO... Kane should stay champ...


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Current WWE Champs
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